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Beethoven’s Ninth

An unforgettable all-Beethoven programme featuring the monumental Choral Symphony with its climactic ‘Ode to Joy’.

calendar_monthSat 25th May 2024Sat 21st Sep 2024 location_onRoyal Festival Hall, London, UK

Embark on a musical journey with an unforgettable all-Beethoven program. Experience the grandeur of the monumental Choral Symphony, culminating in the climactic ‘Ode to Joy.’

Let the orchestra’s masterful interpretation immerse you in the timeless brilliance of Beethoven’s genius. Join us for an evening of symphonic excellence, bringing the transcendent beauty of Beethoven’s Choral Symphony to life.

Royal Festival Hall, London
calendar_month Sat 25th May 2024 7:30pm
Royal Albert Hall, London
calendar_month Sat 21st Sep 2024 7:30pm
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